Download and Install

System requirement

Basically this software can run in any system, including 64-bit MS Windows/Linux OS, although currently we only tested and released the binary packages for Windows/Linux OS. The software is developed based on C/C++, and some platform independent packages, including VTK, and OpenCV, etc. However, for high-performance data processing and visualization, we recommend using 64-bit OS with multi-core CPU and standalone graphics card.


Please download the package from , according to your own OS. Unpack the files to where you want and you can enjoy the software. The 64-bit OS is recommended for high-performance data processing. Each installation package is completely standalone so you DO NOT need to install ANY other dependency to run the software. If you encounter any dependency problem please DO contact us.

For MS Windows OS

Double click the DiffusionKitSetup-WIN64-v1.4-r161127.exe file and then choose the destination path according to the wizard. You may need to provide administrator permission if you want to put the files into the system path. Similarly, to uninstall you only need to hit the menu of “uninstall” in the MS Windows start menu.

For Linux OS

Glibc>=2.2 is required. Download the DiffusionKitSetup-x86_64-v1.4-r161127.tar.gz, and then

tar zxvf DiffusionKitSetup-x86_64-v1.4-r161127.tar.gz
export PATH=$PATH:`pwd`/DiffusionKitSetup-x86_64-v1.4-r161127/bin

You could add the path to the $PATH in the ~/.bashrc file, by adding the following line,

export $PATH=$PATH:/your/path/to/diffusionkit

To uninstall the software, just manually remove the entire folder where you untar-ed the .tar.gz file.

The citation for DiffusionKit could be:

Sangma Xie, Liangfu Chen, Nianming Zuo and Tianzi Jiang, DiffusionKit: A Light One-Stop Solution for Diffusion MRI Data Analysis, Journal of Neuroscience Methods, vol. 273, pp. 107-119, 2016. [PDF] .